MoleMate: New Tool Eliminates Pain From Some Skin Cancer Tests

A new imaging system could make skin biopsies a thing of the past. MoleMate technology makes early detection of skin cancer quick and pain-free. MoleMate is a hand-held early-detection scanner, created by MedX Health Corp., used to identify skin cancer in its earliest stages.

In a news release by MedX Health Corp., which specializes in non-invasive laser light therapy and imaging systems, the company said the technology utilizes light and imagery systems to painlessly view two millimeters beneath a mole or lesion. The images are produced within seconds and physicians can determine whether the mole is dangerous and eliminate the need for skin biopsies.

MedX Health president Steve Guillen said that with 14 million Americans living with a history of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, this technology is mostly for patients.

“For the first time we can look underneath a mole and see whether it really is cancer,” said Guillen. “We can quickly assess whether the lesion really needs to come out or not. Patients can tell within seconds whether it’s benign and go home pain and worry free.”

“It is a more sane way to provide information to the patients immediately. It is definitely a patient-centric technology,” said Guillen. “There is less surgery and less money involved, which makes both patients and their families happy.”

According to the American Cancer Society, when melanoma is detected early, the survival rate is about 99 per cent.

About SIMSYS-MoleMate
The FDA approved SIMSYS-MoleMate Skin Imaging System, a non-invasive skin cancer screening procedure, is a significant advance in the early detection of potentially life threatening moles and lesions.

Physicians have found the SIMSYS-MoleMate Siascope hand-held device easy to learn and use, and that it rapidly provides accurate images of the pigment, blood, and collagen below the mole or lesion.

Now, for the first time, physicians can more accurately evaluate suspicious moles and lesions in a non-invasive, pain-free way. Experts also believe it may reduce the need for time consuming and expensive biopsies.

For more information about SIMSYS-MoleMate, contact:
MedX Health Corp.
(905) 670-4428
(888) 363-3112

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