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  • MoleMate Benefits Any Medical Practice

    - Siascopy technology: See up to 2mm beneath the skin surface
    - FDA & CE Mark Approved
    - Low system cost & reimbursable
    - Raises your practice profile
    - Easily incorporates into patient workflow
    - Easy to learn technology
    - Quickly identifies treatable conditions resulting in fewer biopsies
    - Operates on all PC and MAC computers
    - Integrates easily into all EMR systems
    - Non-invasive, pain free
    - Immediate results
    - Clear, concise patient reports
    - 90 minute training CD included
    - On screen views enhance patient/MD consultation
    - Fewer biopsies, no delay in results
    - Helps identify/guide treatment for all mole types: Benign, SCC, BCC, Malignant Melanoma, etc.

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“Used by physicians at UC Irvine Melanoma Center, this computer imaging system can make a big difference”

The FDA approved MoleMate Skin Imaging System is a significant advance in the early detection of potentially life threatening moles and lesions. MoleMate rapidly provides accurate images of the pigment, blood, and collagen 2mm below the mole or lesion allowing even the most seasoned physician to see more. MoleMate is easy to incorporate into exams, … Continue reading

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MoleMate: Melanoma Surveillance in the U.S.

SOURCE: Center for Disease Control It’s important to note that malignant melanoma cancer is less common, but more deadly. If not caught early and allowed to spread to other organs, it can be fatal. The CDC produced a article published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, focusing on melanoma surveillance, trends, and survival rates. … Continue reading

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Time to Educate Your Dermatologist about Diagnosing Skin Cancer

Suspicious pigmented lesions or ‘moles’ are a common presenting problem in a GPs Medical Practice. Most lesions are benign however a small minority are malignant melanomas. When a GP recognizes a suspicious mole, caution is taken and patients are referred to a dermatologist. Over the last twenty-five years, the incidence of melanoma has increased more … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Pigmented Skin Lesions

Talking with many consultant dermatologists and GPs reveals that one of the main problems of diagnosing and monitoring pigmented lesions is the issue of subjectivity. When two people look at the same, non-uniform object, the chances are that they will not describe its color and shape in exactly the same way. When two digital photographs … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer Isn’t Worth The Summer Tan

By Justin Gilbert Picture this:  You’re lying out on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather, a cold drink and the company of some friends. And because you’re a pretty good multitasker, you have no problem tapping into the conversation about the cute boys as well as listen to music…but you could be doing a third … Continue reading

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Teen Vogue Reports: An Alarming Increase in Deadly Skin Cancer in Young Women

Source: Teen Vogue Burn notice: the dangers of tanning with an alarming increase in deadly skin cancer in young women, many states are considering a ban on indoor tanning for teens. Caitlin knew the risks when she first started going tanning in college. Even so, once her friends began flocking to the tanning salon in … Continue reading

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Take This MoleMate Blog With You to Your Doctor’s Office

Source: US News Health Any skin care professional will tell you that early diagnosis is key to successfully surviving skin cancer. In order to treat skin cancer successfully, you must find it early. And to do that, you and your doctor need to play a dual role in making an early skin cancer diagnosis. “You should … Continue reading

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Deadly Skin Cancer Grows by 800% – Melanoma Soars Among Young Adults

Source: The Skin Cancer Foundation A new study has revealed an alarming rise in melanoma among people aged 18 to 39: over the past 40 years, rates of this potentially deadly skin cancer grew by 800 percent among young women and 400 percent among young men. Researchers examined data on the 256 young adults in … Continue reading

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‘Melanoma Monday’ – Skin Cancer Awareness Day Sponsored by The American Academy of Dermatology

The American Academy of Dermatology schedules ‘Melanoma Monday’ after this month’s annual American Academy of Dermatology Meeting in San Diego. In an all out attempt to educate patients of the fact that there is an alarming rise in skin cancer, we’ve selected Monday May 7th as ‘Melanoma Monday’. It can’t be said too many times. … Continue reading

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MoleMate: New Tool Eliminates Pain From Some Skin Cancer Tests

A new imaging system could make skin biopsies a thing of the past. MoleMate technology makes early detection of skin cancer quick and pain-free. MoleMate is a hand-held early-detection scanner, created by MedX Health Corp., used to identify skin cancer in its earliest stages. In a news release by MedX Health Corp., which specializes in non-invasive … Continue reading

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Rapid and Accurate Diagnosis of Skin Cancer is Critical

Diseases of the skin are extremely common and represent a huge number of different conditions. Not surprisingly therefore, pigmented skin lesions take up a large amount of clinician’s time and resources. It is logical to assume that improving the accuracy and time taken for diagnosis can have a significant impact on efficiency in the clinical … Continue reading


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